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PPS 7: Quality Residential Environments
Policy QD 1:  Local Neighbourhood Facilities

4.17 The provision of local facilities within residential development is one of the means to increase vitality, provide a sense of community and enhance the social and economic sustainability of the development. Large scale housing schemes must provide necessary services and community infrastructure to enable new growth to be satisfactorily accommodated. Otherwise they will place further pressure on already overstretched facilities and services and increase the need to travel.
4.18 The need for local neighbourhood facilities to be provided in conjunction with proposals for new residential development will be assessed by the Department in consultation with relevant bodies, generally as part of the development plan process. Where such a need is identified it will be a requirement that the developer provides for this need as an integral part of the development. Any provision considered necessary will relate fairly and reasonably in scale and kind to the impact of the development proposed.
4.19 Local neighbourhood facilities include social and community uses such as schools, creches, surgeries, local shops and play facilities. Where these are required they should be incorporated into the overall design and layout of the development, designed to a high standard and located to provide focal points and landmark features. The location and design of such facilities should also respect the amenities of proposed and existing housing.
4.20 The Department is aware that the provision of local facilities and community buildings may impose additional costs on developers. However the Department considers it reasonable to expect that developers will contribute to the cost of provision of necessary facilities and/or set land aside for development and use by the local community. This may entail developers and landowners entering into a planning agreement with the Department (see paras 4.54 – 4.55).
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