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PPS 7: Quality Residential Environments
Policy QD 1:  Layout Considerations

4.14 The design of house types and other buildings, the relationship between them, their relationship to streets and the spaces created around them will all strongly influence the character of the overall site and its surroundings and contribute significantly to the quality and identity of the new residential environment.
4.15 Many housing developments in recent years have been designed with little appreciation for local character or a sense of place and have tended to be dominated by roads considerations. Many have also failed to take account of the need to present an attractive outlook. Too often properties have backed onto nearby roads or other public areas and created unsightly views.
4.16 In future the Department will place more emphasis on the layout of houses and other buildings than on road layout in order to achieve an improved design quality and promote a sense of community, while continuing to ensure that standards of road safety are not compromised. All buildings should be located and orientated to front onto existing and proposed roads to present an attractive outlook. The Department will also expect to see greater variety introduced into schemes so that the spaces between houses include tree-lined avenues, crescents, mews, courtyards, lanes and greens. Particular care will be required in the treatment of corner sites within layouts and these should contain specifically designed buildings. Such corner sites and other accessible nodes can often provide ideal opportunities for the use of landmark buildings.
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