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PPS 7: Quality Residential Environments
Policy QD 1:  Density

4.25 Development plans may indicate a density requirement or a specific number of dwellings for particular housing sites. Where this is not the case the Department will have regard to the location of the proposal in relation to its context and the overall quality of the residential environment to be created. In town and city centres or on sites which benefit from high accessibility to public transport facilities, where a high quality and frequent service is available, high density development, such as apartments or town houses, will normally be acceptable. In established residential areas, however, great care must be taken that development or redevelopment schemes do not unacceptably harm the local character, environmental quality or amenity of such areas (see paras 4.6 – 4.11).
4.26 On greenfield sites innovative layouts and higher density schemes will be encouraged where they will provide an attractive contrast to existing urban form and where it can be demonstrated that they will not detract from the residential amenity of adjoining developed areas. Site characteristics, the need to preserve existing site features and vegetation and the space requirements for the provision of communal open areas will all influence development densities. On large sites a range of densities, building forms and a mix of house types will be required to help enhance quality and sustainability. In all cases however the over development of sites will not be acceptable.
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