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PPS 7: Quality Residential Environments
Development Plans: Requirements for Local Neighbourhood Facilities

3.5 Development plans will be the principal vehicle for the identification of any local neighbourhood facilities required as an integral part of the development of zoned housing sites. The Department will determine such need in consultation with other relevant bodies. In assessing the need for such facilities, the Department will have regard to:
  • the location and scale of anticipated development;
  • the proposed type of housing;
  • the availability of, linkages to and capacity of existing facilities within the locality; and
  • community needs identified by other statutory bodies and agencies.
In some cases it may be necessary, when examining the consequence of a particular development, to view its effects in combination with other related development proposals.
3.6 In general the larger a development, the more likely it is that a wide range of facilities will be necessary. In particular, major development schemes on greenfield sites will normally require the provision of an appropriate level of facilities to meet the needs of the new community and secure more balanced and sustainable residential environments.
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