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PPS 7: Quality Residential Environments
Development Plans: Local Design Requirements

3.2 Development plans may identify local design requirements for specific residential sites. Examples of such requirements include:
  • indicating dwelling numbers, mix and types;
  • setting out requirements for the arrangement and appearance of new housing in particular urban areas whose distinctive character would benefit from being reinforced;
  • identifying locally important vistas, landmarks, landscape features and spaces for retention and possible enhancement;
  • identifying and protecting archaeological remains, listed buildings and other buildings / structures worthy of retention;
  • identifying existing site vegetation and tree groups worthy of retention;
  • identifying the need for additional planting;
  • identifying the need for, amount of and potential location(s) for communal open space, including provision of community woodland;
  • identifying the need for footpaths, cycle routes and bus access; and
  • highlighting how the public realm should be respected.
3.3 Development plans will also, where appropriate, identify sites where local requirements for design and layout will need to be addressed by a development brief drawn up in line with the policies of this Statement. Such briefs will be based on an assessment of the natural and built environment of the area and the characteristics defining the sense of place. They will include detailed guidance on the overall scale, density, height, landscaping and layout expected of the new housing development.
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