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PPS 7: Quality Residential Environments
Policy Context: Planning Policy Statements

1.12 The Quality Initiative and the need for good design are incorporated into Planning Policy Statement 1 ‘General Principles’. Together with sustainable development and mixed use these are indicated as key themes which underlie the Department’s approach to planning. PPS 1 advises that:
“Good design should be the aim of all those involved in the development process and will be encouraged everywhere. Good design can help promote sustainable development; improve the quality of the existing environment; attract business and investment; and reinforce civic pride and a sense of place. It can help secure continued public acceptance of necessary new development.”
1.13 As regards the application of the Quality Initiative to new housing development, PPS 1 indicates that this will require:
“a more sensitive and responsive approach by developers, one which identifies and makes positive use of the assets of a site and the characteristics of its surroundings to determine the ultimate form of development.”
1.14 In order to meet this requirement, PPS 1 advises that:
“Applicants for planning permission will have to be able to demonstrate how they have taken account of the need for good design in their development proposals and that they have had regard to relevant development plan policies and supplementary design guidance. This should be done in a manner appropriate to the nature and scale of proposals.”
1.15 The need for provision of areas of open space in association with new residential development is incorporated into Planning Policy Statement 8 ‘Open Space, Sport and Recreation’. This highlights the importance of open space to the overall quality of residential development and indicates that regard should always be given to ways of integrating pleasant, attractive and landscaped open space as an intrinsic element of new housing.
1.16 A full list of the Department’s Planning Policy Statements is set out in Annex B.
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