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PPS 7: Quality Residential Environments
Annex B: Planning Policy Statements

Where appropriate reference to ‘the Department’ within the following planning policy and supplementary planning guidance documents should now be read as ‘the council, or as the case may be the Department or the Planning Appeals Commission’.

Planning Policy Statements (PPSs) and Other Policy Publications

Issued for Public Consultation


A Planning Strategy for Rural Northern Ireland

The provision of A Planning Strategy for Rural Northern Ireland remain in force for those topics not covered by a PPS or other policy publication. Where applicable, its contents must be taken into account in preparing development plans and are also material to individual planning applications and appeals.

Other Policy Publications

Other policy publications include:

Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG)

For the latest position on the following extant planning guidance (issued by DoE under the unitary planning system) please check the DfI website here.

Design Guides

Design Guides promote the importance of good quality design for specific areas or aspects of land-use planning. These include:

Development Control Advice Notes

Development Control Advice Notes set out the criteria and technical standards to be considered when dealing with specific categories or particular aspects of development.

Other Supplementary Guidance

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