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PPS 7: Quality Residential Environments
Annex A: Local Communiy Development Guidelines for Urban and Rural Areas

Identity: Encouraging community participation in the planning process. Reinforcing a sense of belonging and sense of place by maintaining distinctive places throughout local communities and in local landscape character areas, including places of public assembly and community interaction, focal points, landmarks and a continuity of urban and rural traditions.
Vitality: Continuously caring for, restoring and renewing the physical fabric of towns and villages by a strong emphasis on the imaginative re-use of older buildings and the use of previously developed land as a fundamental component of the regeneration process for towns, villages and rural areas.
Proximity: Providing compatible mixed use developments extending local community choice and opportunity in relation to jobs, commercial facilities and services.
Accessibility: Developing multi-modal systems of urban and rural transport which would enhance accessibility for local communities to the full range of urban activities and meet the needs of people with disabilities. This would be achieved by integrating public transport, cycling and walking with a more responsible use of the private car, whilst facilitating the movement of goods.
Amenity: Providing Community Greenways to establish connections with nature and the countryside, and local historic features, for residents in urban and rural areas by maintaining and building up an interlinked pattern of public open spaces, play facilities and landscaped areas, woodlands and wildlife habitats, pedestrian and cycle routes, linking to rivers, canals, coastal and inland waters, as well as respecting the rural setting of towns and villages.
Quality: Fostering an imaginative and resource efficient quality of design which respects existing rural or urban character, local tradition and human scale.
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