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World Heritage Sites: Policy BH 5

Policy BH 5 The Protection of World Heritage Sites
The Department will operate a presumption in favour of the preservation of World Heritage Sites. Development which would adversely affect such sites or the integrity of their settings will not be permitted unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Justification and Amplification

4.2 World Heritage Sites are places or buildings of outstanding universal value, and accordingly the Department attaches great weight to the need to protect them for the benefit of future generations as well as our own. Development proposals affecting such sites or their settings may be compatible with this objective, but will always be carefully scrutinised for their likely effect on the site or its setting in the longer term. The Department will pay particular attention to the impact of proposals on:-
  • the critical views of, and from the site;
  • the access and public approaches to the site; and
  • the understanding and enjoyment of the site by visitors.
4.3 There is currently only one World Heritage Site in Northern Ireland, the Giant’s Causeway, the setting of which has not yet been formally identified by the Department. As an interim measure until such time as a new development plan is prepared for this area and this matter is addressed, development proposals within a 4 kilometre radius of the site will be subject to particular scrutiny by the Department.
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