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PPS 6: Planning, Archaeology and The Built Heritage
Preamble: Policy Explanation

The planning policies of this Statement outline the main criteria that the Department will employ in assessing proposals which affect the archaeological or built heritage. These policies however should not be read as the only tests of acceptability for such development proposals. In making its decisions the Department will assess proposals against all planning policies and other material considerations that are relevant to it. The policies of this Statement must therefore be read in conjunction with the relevant contents of the Department’s other policy publications, including existing PPSs, development plans and the extant policies contained in the Department’s document “A Planning Strategy for Rural Northern Ireland” published in September 1993.
The inclusion of the word “normally” is considered necessary by the Department in many instances to ensure that there is no public misunderstanding of its planning policies. It is generally recognised that occasionally there will be circumstances where other material considerations may outweigh these policies. In particular the Department recognises that where a policy is a negative definition, i.e. stating what will not be permitted, such a policy provides a general guideline but cannot be an absolute bar to a decision beneficial to the citizen. Each case must be considered on its merits to see whether an exception would be justified. The Department therefore considers it important to retain the word “normally” in many of its policies in order that the public clearly understand that exceptions can on occasion be made.
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