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Conservation Areas: Policy BH 13

Policy BH 13 The Control of Advertisements in a Conservation Area
The Department will not normally grant consent for the display of advertisements in or close to a conservation area which would adversely affect the character, appearance or setting of the area or which would be detrimental to public safety.

Justification and Amplification

7.14 Many conservation areas include thriving commercial areas where the normal range of advertisements is to be expected, provided they do not detract from visual amenity. The Department accepts that such outdoor advertising is essential to commercial activity, but in view of the statutory duty to pay special attention to the desirability of preserving or enhancing the character or appearance of conservation areas, it is also considered reasonable that more exacting standards of advertisement control should apply within such areas.
7.15 assessing proposals for advertisements in a conservation area the Department will give careful consideration to the impact of the proposal on the visual amenity and overall character of the area. Particular regard will be paid to the scale and proportions of the sign, the materials used and whether it is illuminated. Consent will not normally be granted for advertisements which are inappropriate to the architectural style or character of the building on which it is proposed or which would detract from the area in general. Similarly signage on the upper floors of buildings and the internal illumination of signs will not normally be acceptable. Proposals for large advertisement hoardings or which would result in a proliferation of signs can seriously harm the character and appearance of a conservation area and will therefore normally be refused consent. Additional guidance for the display of advertisements in particular conservation areas is set out in the relevant designation documents and design guides produced by the Department.
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