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PPS 6: Planning, Archaeology and The Built Heritage
Conservation Areas: Article 4 Directions

7.21 While designation as a conservation area introduces additional controls over development the Department also has the power to make Article 4 directions removing certain permitted development rights8. The Department’s general policy is that such rights should not normally be withdrawn without clear justification. While the designation of a conservation area in itself does not automatically justify the making of Article 4 directions, they may have a role to play if they would help to protect features that are key elements within the area. Accordingly the Department will consider making such directions where:
  • a clear assessment of an areas special architectural and historic interest has been undertaken;
  • the importance to that special interest of the features to be included in the direction is established;
  • there is evidence of local support for the direction and the need for the direction is agreed with the local district council; and
  • the direction involves the minimum withdrawal of permitted development rights necessary to achieve its objective.
8 Permitted development rights are contained in the Planning (General Development) Order 1993 (as amended)
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