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PPS 6: Planning, Archaeology and The Built Heritage
Listed Buildings: Policy BH 9

Policy BH 9 The Control of Advertisements on a Listed Building
The Department will normally only grant consent for advertisements or signs on a listed building where these are carefully designed and located to respect the architectural form and detailing of the building.

Justification and Amplification

6.19 Many listed buildings are in commercial use and already display signs or advertisements of some sort. These in themselves may be of historic interest or of some artistic quality, and where this is the case the Department will not normally permit their removal or significant alteration.
6.20 New signs or advertisements can have a major impact on the appearance, and thus the character of a listed building. Where a proposal to display signs or advertisements on a listed building is considered acceptable in principle they should be designed to complement the age and architectural style of the building. They should also be carefully located and should not obscure, overlap or cut into any architectural detailing or structural divisions of the building. These considerations will to a large extent dictate the scale of any signage. In many cases a handwritten timber board or a brass plate will provide the most acceptable Planning, Archaeology and the Built Heritage solution. The use of standard corporate signage by major companies will generally be inappropriate.
6.21 Projecting signs can often adversely affect the appearance and character of listed buildings and will therefore require very careful consideration. Where their presence is considered acceptable particular attention will be paid to size, design and materials. In most situations signs and advertisements displayed on listed buildings should not be illuminated. Where illumination is justified it should be achieved unobtrusively: light fittings mounted above and projecting forward of the sign will not normally be acceptable.
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