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PPS 6: Planning, Archaeology and The Built Heritage
Listed Buildings: General Criteria

6.5 The issues that are generally relevant to the consideration of all listed building consent applications and planning applications affecting a listed building are:
  1. the importance of the building, its intrinsic architectural and historic interest and rarity, in the context of Northern Ireland and in local terms;
  2. the particular physical features of the building (which may include its design, plan, materials or location) which justify its inclusion in the list: list descriptions may draw attention to features of particular interest or value, but they are not exhaustive and other features of importance (e.g. interiors) may come to light after the building's inclusion in the list;
  3. the building's setting and its contribution to the local scene, which may be very important, e.g. where it forms an element in a group, park, garden or other townscape or landscape, or where it shares particular architectural forms or details with other buildings nearby; and
  4. the extent to which the proposed works would bring substantial benefits for the community, in particular by contributing to the economic regeneration of the area or the enhancement of its environment (including other listed buildings).
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