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PPS 6: Planning, Archaeology and The Built Heritage
Archaeological Sites and Monuments: The Preseravtion of Archaeological Remains and their Settings

3.3 In all cases the desirability of preserving an archaeological site or monument and its setting, whether scheduled or otherwise, is a material consideration in determining planning applications. Accordingly in assessing the archaeological implications of a development proposal, the Department will consider whether it would damage or destroy the site or monument, result in inappropriate change to its setting or whether the existing quality and character of the site or monument would be retained. With the many demands of modern society however, the Department accepts that it is not always possible to save all archaeological remains. The key question is where and how to strike the right balance.
3.4 The case for preservation of archaeological remains and their settings will be assessed on the individual merits of each case, taking into account all relevant planning policies and material considerations, including the intrinsic importance of the archaeological remains in question, their potential use for amenity, tourism and education purposes and weighing these against other factors, including the need for and the benefits of the proposed development. Regardless of the circumstances, the determination of planning applications will be much easier if any archaeological aspects of a development site can be considered early on in the planning and development control process.
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