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PPS 6: Planning, Archaeology and The Built Heritage
Annex E: Guidelines for the Alteration, Extension & Maintenance of Listed Buildings

E1 These guidelines have been compiled primarily for the consideration of owners and their agents in the preparation of applications for listed building consent or Historic Building grant aid. In view of the considerable variety in the character and type of listed buildings these guidelines cannot be comprehensive. Nevertheless they do summarise the characteristics and features which make up the special interest of most listed buildings and will therefore be given full weight in the process of judging listed building consent applications alongside other considerations and in assessing grant applications. Every listed building has its own characteristics which are usually related to an original or subsequent function and these should as far as possible be respected when proposals for alteration are put forward. It must also be remembered that marks of special interest appropriate to a particular type of building are not restricted to external elements.
This section contains the following sub-categories.
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