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PPS 6: Planning, Archaeology and The Built Heritage
Annex C: Owner Notification

Please note: Annex C has been superseded by a revised Annex C which is available for download from the main PPS 6 hompage.

C11 The Department will normally serve a non statutory advance notice of listing upon the owner which explains that it intends to list the property. This is followed by a statutory notice informing the owner and occupier(s) that the building has been listed. This includes an explanatory note which states that the building is subject to listed building control and that listed building consent is required from the Department for demolition of the building or any works either to the exterior or interior which would affect its character. It also states that it is an offence to carry out such works without listed building consent or not to comply with any condition attached to a listed building consent. The notice also states that conviction for such an offence can result in a fine or imprisonment. Listed building status may provide the owner with certain tax advantages and also the possibility of grant aid from the Department’s Environment and Heritage Service Opens link in a new browser window for approved repairs and maintenance.
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