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PPS 6: Planning, Archaeology and The Built Heritage
Annex C: Delisting

Please note: Annex C has been superseded by a revised Annex C which is available for download from the main PPS 6 hompage.

C21 Buildings are sometimes removed from the list. This may be because the Department has been seen fit to grant listed building consent to demolish or severely alter the building, or because an interested party (usually the owner) has demonstrated to the satisfaction of the Department that the building itself, or documentary sources in support of listing, were incorrectly assessed at the time of the original listing decision. As with listing, the Department is obliged to consult the Historic Buildings Council Opens link in a new browser window and the appropriate district council before removing a building from the list. The Department will then serve a notice on the owner and occupier to the effect that the building has ceased to be listed, with an explanation for the decision.
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