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PPS 6: Planning, Archaeology and The Built Heritage
Annex C: Certificates of Immunity from Listing

Please note: Annex C has been superseded by a revised Annex C which is available for download from the main PPS 6 hompage.

C20 Provided that planning permission is being sought or has been obtained, any person may apply to the Department to issue a certificate stating that it does not intend to list the building or buildings involved in the planning application (Article 43 of the 1991 Planning Order). Before issuing a certificate the Department will consult with the Historic Buildings Council and the local district council. Where a certificate is issued, the building cannot be listed for five years. However, if the Department does not grant a certificate, then it will normally add the building to the statutory list. This procedure gives greater certainty to developers proposing works which will affect buildings that might be eligible for listing.
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