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PPS 6: Planning, Archaeology and The Built Heritage
Annex C: The Selection of Listed Buildings

Please note: Annex C has been superseded by a revised Annex C which is available for download from the main PPS 6 hompage.

Identification of Buildings for Listing

C1 The overall test for assessing a building for listing is whether it is of special architectural or historic interest. In applying the test of special interest the Department may take into account not only the building itself but also:
  1. the contribution of the exterior of the building to the architectural or historic interest of any group of buildings of which it forms part; and
  2. the desirability of preserving, on the ground of its architectural or historic interest, any feature of the building which consists of a man-made object or structure fixed to the building or within its curtilage.
C2 Buildings are added to the statutory lists normally as a result of systematic resurvey or review of particular areas or building types. On occasion the Department may consider suggestions made by members of the public. The first survey of Northern Ireland began in 1974 and was carried out on a district council basis. A resurvey is currently underway and as well as selecting new buildings for listing is including a review of those buildings already listed. The Department is required to consult with the Historic Buildings Council and the appropriate district council before including a building on a list or amending the list.
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