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PPS 6: Planning, Archaeology and The Built Heritage
Annex A: New Traffic Routes

A3 Where existing infrastructure is not suitable for travel demand, the Department will consider the various transport choices open to it including new traffic routes or alternative packages of transport management such as parking and charging policies, park and ride schemes, and public transport priority. New traffic routes will not however be built just to facilitate more commuting into already congested areas. This is especially true for towns and villages with conservation areas where the historic character and layout cannot easily absorb radical change.
A4 Where a new route is shown to be necessary or where alterations to the existing traffic network are needed the Department will initially identify and evaluate the significance of any archaeological remains and features of the built heritage including listed buildings, conservation areas and other historic sites. New routes, alterations and any other transport infrastructure should respect such features, but in each case a suitable balance needs to be struck between conservation, other environmental concerns, economics, safety and engineering feasibility.
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