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PPS 5 (Draft): Retailing, Town Centres and Commercial Leisure Developments

Issued by: Regional Planning & Transportation Division (DRD)
Status: Draft
Published: July 2006
PPS 5 (Draft): Retailing, Town Centres and Commercial Leisure DevelopmentsDraft PPS 5 sets out the Department's planning policies for retailing and commercial leisure developments in cities, towns other centres and settlements throughout Northern Ireland.
Applications for out-of-centre and out-of-town proposals will be required to satisfy a set of policy tests to be successful.
It also introduces a sequential approach and a needs test in the identification of suitable sites for major retail proposals.

Transfer of Responsibility

The Department of the Environment assumed responsibility for draft PPS 5 from the Department for Regional Development on 15 January 2008 and will take forward any future work associated with this document.

A New Approach to Planning Policy for Town Centres and Retailing (Date posted 23 April 2013)

Over the last number of months the Minister has confirmed that the Department’s approach going forward is to develop new fit for purpose retail and town centre planning policy to be included within a single Strategic Planning Policy Statement (SPPS). The SPPS will ensure that the Department’s planning policies are more proportionate and appropriate for the introduction of the two–tier planning system in 2015 when the majority of planning functions will transfer to local Councils. The SPPS will be subject to a Strategic Environmental Assessment during its preparation in accordance with the Environmental Assessment of Plans and Programmes Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2004.
Pending publication of the SPPS, the extant PPS 5 Retailing and Town Centres, published in June 1996, will continue in force. Work has been ongoing in relation to future retail policy, including updating the evidential context in relation to town centres and retailing. There will be engagement with stakeholders shortly.
Draft PPS 5 will therefore not be taken forward and will not be treated as a material consideration or carry weight in the determination of planning applications.
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