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PPS 5: Retailing and Town Centres
Planning for Retail Developments: Warehouse Clubs

47. Despite restrictions on those who may shop in warehouse clubs, these outlets often share many of the characteristics of large retail outlets. Favourable consideration will, therefore, be given to proposals for warehouse clubs of an appropriate scale on suitable sites in edge-of-centre locations. In exceptional circumstances, a warehouse club proposal elsewhere in an out-of-centre location may be acceptable, where it cannot be practically or appropriately accommodated in either a town centre or on the edge of a town centre, provided that the proposal:
  • is of appropriate scale for the location;
  • is unlikely to have an adverse impact on the vitality and viability of an existing centre;
  • will not lead to an unreasonable or detrimental impact on amenity, traffic movements or road safety;
  • is satisfactory in terms of car parking, design and landscaping;
  • is unlikely to add to the overall number and length of car trips and should, preferably, contribute to a decrease; and
  • is unlikely to prejudice the implementation of development plan policies and proposals.
48. Permissions for warehouse clubs may be subject to conditions specifying maximum or minimum floorspace, preventing sub-division and restricting the range and type of goods to be sold.
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