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PPS 5: Retailing and Town Centres
Planning for Retail Developments: Retail Warehouses

42. Proposals for retail warehouses selling bulky electrical, furnishing and DIY goods, may be acceptable within town centres, however such developments are often difficult to accommodate in town centres given their space requirements for large showrooms, parking and servicing.
43. Favourable consideration will, therefore, be given to proposals for retail warehouses of an appropriate scale on suitable sites in edge-of-centre locations. In exceptional circumstances, a retail warehouse proposal elsewhere in an out-of-centre location may be acceptable, where it cannot be practically or appropriately accommodated in either the town centre or on the edge of a town centre, provided that the proposal satisfies all the criteria set out at paragraph 39. In addition, the proposal must be of an appropriate scale for the location.
44. Permission for retail warehouses may be subject to conditions specifying a minimum or maximum floorspace, preventing sub-division into smaller units and restricting the type of goods to be sold.
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