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PPS 5: Retailing and Town Centres
Planning for Retail Developments: Food Supermarkets and Food Superstores

41. Food supermarkets and food superstores often play a vital role as an anchor store in maintaining the quality and range of shopping in existing centres. In these locations they also provide an essential service for less mobile members of the community. Food superstores however, rely on the close proximity of adequate car parking and for this reason locations within existing town centres may be inappropriate. Edge-of-centre sites may provide a preferred alternative in many towns and in the interest of maintaining and strengthening the adjoining town centre this may require the re-use of derelict land or the redevelopment of suitable sites. Proposals for food supermarkets and food superstores on sites outside town centres, including edge-of-centre sites, may be acceptable provided that the proposal satisfies all the criteria set out in paragraph 39. In addition, the availability of suitable sites, for the proposed development, within the town centre, in particular those which have been identified in a development plan, will be an important consideration.
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