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PPS 4: Industrial Development
Development Control: Unauthorised Development

49. A breach of planning control occurs when development is carried out without planning permission or when conditions or limitations attached to a planning permission are not complied with. Where there is a breach of planning control affecting an industrial undertaking, the operator will be afforded the opportunity to discuss the situation with officials of the Planning Service. It may be possible to achieve a mutually acceptable outcome. The solution may involve submission of a retrospective planning application or agreement to comply with conditions within an agreed period.
50. If the operator of an unauthorised industrial enterprise expresses a willingnes to move the business to another site acceptable to the Department, it may be possible to agree a realistic timetable for relocation which will minimise disruption to the business and avoid any permanent loss of employment. Where agreement cannot be reached and the breach is not rectified, the Department may issue an enforcement notice requiring the breach of planning control to be remedied and specifying the steps necessary to do so.
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