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PPS 4: Industrial Development
Development Plans: Requirements of Industry

15. The locational requirements of industry are a key factor in the preparation of development plans. Industry has always sought locational advantage in response to various external factors. These include:
  • the demands of customers;
  • access to raw materials and suppliers;
  • access to power supplies and telecommunication networks;
  • links with other businesses, particularly those providing specialist services or knowledge;
  • water and sewerage infrastructure;
  • links with research institutions such as universities;
  • workforce catchment areas; and
  • transport considerations.
16. Industry often gives high priority to good access to roads, and sometimes to railways, airports and ports. Topographically, it favours sites which are relatively easy and inexpensive to develop because they are on reasonably flat land without foundation difficulties. Many industries require spacious sites which can accommodate single storey buildings accessible by vehicle. Inward investors coming to Northern Ireland want well designed premises in attractive settings as part of a total quality image. Development plans will take account of these requirements while seeking to achieve wider objectives in the public interest.
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