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PPS 4: Industrial Development
Development Plans

11. The Department has a programme of development plans. These plans cater for the development needs of industry alongside demands from other forms of development, and for protection of the environment. They give industrial developers and local communities greater certainty about the types of development which will or will not be permitted in a given location.
12. Development plans will set out how each city or town will accommodate future development. Limits of development will be defined. Within cities and main towns land will be zoned for principal land uses, including industry, in order to guide development to the most appropriate locations. Within such zoned areas uses ancillary to, and compatible with, the predominant use category are acceptable. In addition the Department may include some "white land" within development limits. This is land which is deemed suitable for development but not zoned for a specific purpose, and which may be suitable for a range of uses. In some places "white land" may provide a reserve of land for industrial development within the lifetime of a plan.
13. The Department will not normally zone land for specific purposes within smaller rural settlements unless there is a clear indication of potential demand, or an especially suitable site. Land within development limits may, however, be suitable for industrial development. Development plans will not normally make provision for industrial development in the countryside outside the development limits of settlements.
14. When preparing plans the Department will consult widely to ensure that all those with an interest have an opportunity to influence plan content. It is important that individual businesses and bodies representing particular industrial sectors let the Department know of their likely development needs over the plan period, so that provisions can be made for an adequate amount and choice of sites for industry. The Industrial Development Board will be consulted at an early stage and requested to supply information on industrial land under its control, including current uses, land available for development and recent take-up. The Board will make its particular requirements in the plan area known to the Department and may assist in site identification. District Councils will also be consulted, not least because of their role in promoting economic development, and will be asked to supply information on the needs of their Districts and views on development locations. The Department will also consult with, and take account of views expressed by the public.
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