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PPS 4 (Draft): Industry, Business and Distribution
The Role of Development Plans: Identification of Land for Industrial, Business and Distribution Development

3.3 Development plans will seek to ensure that there is an ample supply of land available to meet industrial and business needs within the plan area which is suitable for such development and ideally well served by infrastructure. In identifying sites for industrial and business purposes the Department will have regard to:
  • the strategic objective of the Regional Development Strategy (RDS) to focus development within urban areas;
  • the potential contribution to regenerating existing urban areas;
  • accessibility to the various sections of the community;
  • accessibility to the regional transportation network;
  • accessibility by a variety of modes of transport;
  • any potential environmental impact;
  • the availability of adequate infrastructure;
  • the opportunity to avail of local resources and labour markets.
3.4 The Department will facilitate through the various stages of the plan formulation process close consultation and discussions with District Councils, the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment Opens link in a new browser window, the business community, private sector investors and local enterprise in assessing the amount of land required over the plan period. A variety of sites will normally be identified to provide a wide and flexible range of development opportunities to meet the variety of future needs.
3.5 Within the Department’s overall consultation process, it will be important for individual businesses, and their representative bodies, to make known their likely development needs over the plan period and to seek to ensure that the plan will facilitate appropriate provision.
3.6 Development plans, in their role of facilitating and providing for economic development and job creation, will be influenced in this respect by considerations arising from the New Targeting Social Need (New TSN) Initiative. Development plans will seek to facilitate economic development in, or accessible to, the most disadvantaged urban areas to tackle long-term unemployment and issues of employability as part of the New TSN Initiative.
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