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PPS 4 (Draft): Industry, Business and Distribution
Policy Context: Transportation Policy

1.13 The Northern Ireland Transport Policy Statement ‘Moving Forward’, published by the Department of the Environment in November 1998, was an important step in developing a new transport strategy for the region. It contains a commitment to greater integration of transport with land use planning in order to support more sustainable transport choices and reduce the need to travel. The Statement encourages development to be sited where there is a choice of transport and the location is not dependent predominantly on access by car. Decisions on the location of economic development, therefore, should take account of access to services and the overall need to reduce travel.
1.14 The Regional Transportation Strategy for Northern Ireland 2002-2012 (RTS) Opens link in a new browser window published in July 2002 is an integral part of the Regional Development Strategy and identifies the transportation priorities and associated funding issues for the next decade. It is the purpose of the RTS to support the RDS and to move over a 10-year period towards the achievement of its longer-term transportation vision:
“ to have a modern, sustainable, safe transportation system which benefits society, the economy and the environment and which actively contributes to social inclusion and everyone’s quality of life”.
1.15 To ensure further consistency between the RDS, the RTS and development plans, the Department of Regional Development Opens link in a new browser window is currently preparing a strategic Planning Policy Statement, PPS 13, on Transportation and Land Use to provide strategic policy guidance and advice relating to the integration of transportation and land use. This is in order that the transport network can further its contribution to the achievement of sustainable progress on social, economic and development goals in Northern Ireland. The guidance will place greater emphasis on the integration of planning and transportation policies and practices to help deliver the transportation vision.
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