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PPS 4 (Draft): Industry, Business and Distribution
Policy IBD 5

Policy IBD 5 Financial, Professional and Other Services  
Proposals for the development of financial, professional and other services which fall within Class 2 of the Use Classes Order will be permitted in town centres. Elsewhere in settlements such proposals will only be permitted where all the following criteria are met:
  • the proposal is located in or adjacent to a District or Local Centreand does not detract from its vitality and viability, or in another appropriate area identified in a development plan;
  • the use is clearly designed to serve a local need;
  • the floorspace is limited to a maximum of 200 sq. metres;
  • the proposal is not located in a primarily residential area; and
  • the development provides appropriate parking and is satisfactory in terms of environmental considerations.

Justification and Amplification

4.20 Class 2 Office development, that is, financial, professional and other services appropriate to provide in a shopping area where the services are provided principally to visiting members of the public, should primarily be located in city and town centres. This can help reinforce the existing service function of these centres, create new employment in highly accessible locations and help maintain the vitality and viability of town centres.
4.21 It is, however, recognised that there is often a need for small-scale Class 2 office development within urban areas outside town centres. Examples include estate agents, building societies and banks. These offices which provide essential local services will normally only be permitted in or adjacent to existing or proposed district or local centres or other neighbourhood centres identified in development plans. Office development will only be permitted in local shopping centres where the scale does not detract from the retailing function of the centre. An appropriate level of office development which provides local services may be permitted in villages and other smaller rural settlements.
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