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PPS 3 (Clarification)

1.1 The Department of the Environment is responsible for planning control in Northern Ireland. The Planning Service, an Agency within the Department, administers its planning functions.
1.2 The Department has a statutory duty, laid down in Article 3 of the Planning (Northern Ireland) Order 1991, to formulate and co-ordinate policy for securing the orderly and consistent development of land and the planning of that development. The Department is required to ensure that such policy is in general conformity with the Regional Development Strategy.
1.3 The Department’s planning policies are normally issued through Planning Policy Statements and PPS 1 ‘General Principles’ advises that: “Planning Policy Statements set out the policies of the Department on particular aspects of land-use planning and apply to the whole of Northern Ireland. Their contents will be taken into account in preparing development plans and are also material to decisions on individual planning applications and appeals. ”
1.4 This document provides clarification to Policy AMP 3: Access to Protected Routes of PPS 3 ‘Access, Movement and Parking’, published in February 2005, and must be read in conjunction with the policies contained within this PPS.
1.5 The need for clarification on this matter has arisen for the following reasons:
  • To address an ambiguity in the policy as to whether or not particular roads are designed to an appropriate standard as Dual Carriageways, Ring Roads, Through-Passes and By-Passes; and
  • To address in policy terms access onto High Standard Dual Carriageways, a new standard of Dual Carriageway that is similar in design terms to a Motorway.
1.6 The Clarification has been prepared in consultation with the Department for Regional Development (DRD) Roads Service who have provided an updated Protected Routes map for Northern Ireland and associated online schedule to accompany this document.
1.7 With the Clarification to Policy AMP 3 in this document, the corresponding policy contained within PPS 3, published in February 2005, is superseded.
1.8 The Department has issued the document in final form without prior consultation as it relates solely to one policy within PPS 3 and in view of the minor nature of the matters involved.
1.9 PPS 3 ‘Access, Movement and Parking’ was subject to an equality impact screening exercise which concluded that it was unlikely to have any significant adverse implications for equality of opportunity or community relations. Notwithstanding this, the Department decided to subject this clarification to a separate equality screening exercise the outcome of which has indicated that it is also unlikely to have any significant adverse implications for equality of opportunity or community relations.
1.10 Nothing in this document should be read as a commitment that public resources will be provided for any specific project. All proposals for expenditure by the Department are subject to economic appraisal and will also have to be considered having regard to the overall availability of resources.

PPS 3 (Clarification): Access, Movement & Parking

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