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PPS 3: Access, Movement and Parking
Policy AMP 6

Policy AMP 6 Transport Assessment
In order to evaluate the transport implications of a development proposal the Department will, where appropriate, require developers to submit a Transport Assessment.

Justification and Amplification

5.36 The control of development offers the opportunity to consider proposals in terms of their impact on existing transport movements and infrastructure within the context of wider government policy aimed at achieving more sustainable travel patterns through a change in transport behaviour. This can best be achieved through the process of Transport Assessment (TA).8
5.37 The coverage and detail of a TA should reflect the scale of development and the extent of the transport implications of the proposal. In applications for significant traffic generating uses, a TA may need to be accompanied by a travel plan. The Draft guidelines to Transport Assessment in Northern Ireland (2004) issued jointly by DRD and DOE provides detailed information on this process and should be referred to directly.
5.38 In keeping with General Principle 5 set out in PPS 13 Transportation and Land Use, developers will be required to bear the costs of transport infrastructure necessitated by their development.
8 It should be noted that Transport Assessment replaces Traffic Impact Assessment. The TA process continues to include assessment of traffic impacts.
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