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PPS 3: Access, Movement and Parking
Policy AMP 5

Policy AMP 5 Disused Transport Routes
Planning permission will not be granted for development that would prejudice the future re-use of a disused transport route identified in a Development Plan for transport or recreational purposes.

Justification and Amplification

5.32 Northern Ireland historically had an extensive transport network comprising roads, railway lines and stations, canals and associated towpaths, locks etc. Many of these former transport routes have potential for re-use either for transportation purposes or for recreation, leisure or tourism.
5.33 A number of disused rail and canal facilities offer important opportunities through the re-opening of their former transportation mode, while other former transport routes may present opportunities for alternative transport modes. This could include new public transport corridors or use as pedestrian routes or for cycle networks.
5.34 Many of the disused railway lines and inland waterways of Northern Ireland also have great potential for public access, recreation and tourism. Some have already been reclaimed for such purposes, such as the Newry Canal Opens link in a new browser window, the Foyle Valley Railway Opens link in a new browser window and the Shannon/Erne Canal Link Opens link in a new browser window.
5.35 Development plans will identify those disused transport routes, together with any associated facilities, where proposals exist for their re-use and disused routes of strategic importance which offer potential in the longer term for future transport use.
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