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Policy AMP 11

Policy AMP 11 Temporary Car Parks
Planning permission will not be granted for the development of a temporary car park unless it is demonstrated that:
  • it complies with Policy AMP 10 and the developer can show that a need exists which cannot be met in the short term by the Department or the private sector; and
  • it is submitted in conjunction with programmed proposals to develop / redevelop the site in question.
Planning permission if granted will be subject to a time-limited condition for a period of 1 year.

Justification and Amplification

5.78 Developers often seek approval for temporary car parking on sites which have been acquired for development. This must be seen as a short-term expediency and the long-term existence of such car parks may be contrary to both transportation and broader environmental objectives.
5.79 While planning applications for temporary car parks, including public car parking, will be assessed in the light of all relevant factors, there will be a presumption against such development where it is considered unnecessary and is not linked to firm proposals for the development of the site. Developers should note that a time limited planning permission for temporary use of land for car parking will not normally be renewed.
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