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PPS 3: Access, Movement and Parking
Development Plans: Land Use Allocations and Associated Transport Infrastructure

4.6 A key planning objective is to ensure that new development offers a realistic choice of access by walking, cycling and public transport, whilst accommodating responsible use of the private car. The allocation of land for various uses in a development plan will therefore need to take into account the overall aims of transportation policy and matters flowing from the transport study, such as accessibility analysis. Sites in larger urban areas highlighted by this process as being highly accessible by a variety of modes of transport may be identified as suitable locations for higher density and mixed-use development.
4.7 Development Plans, through key site requirements, will set out the main transport infrastructure which developers will be expected to provide for land allocations and specific zoned sites. These will seek to promote sustainable transport choices and may include matters such as public transport provision, walking and cycling infrastructure, necessary roads infrastructure, site access, and phasing of development. It should be noted, however, that the need for supporting infrastructure works and / or mitigation measures necessary to facilitate the specific scale and form of proposed development may only be identified at the planning application stage. For example, as a result of an Environmental Impact Assessment, a Transport Assessment or as part of the normal consultation process.
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