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PPS 2: Planning and Nature Conservation
Statutory Framework: International Obligations: European Sites

18. All Nature 2000 sites are termed "European Sites" and will consist of:
  1. Special Protection Areas (SPAs) classified under the Birds Directive. SPAs are selected for their importance as areas for breeding, over-wintering and migrating birds;
  2. Special Areas of Conservation (SACs), designated under the Habitats Directive. SACs will be selected for their importance as natural habitat types and as habitats of certain species; after approval by the European Commission for selection as SACs, and before they are formally designated as SACs, such sites will be known as Sites of Community Importance (SCIs) and will also be European Sites;
  3. Sites which hose a priority habitat or a priority species and which the European Commission considers should have been proposed by the Member State; such sites will be known as SCIs once the Commission opens consultations.
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