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PPS 2: Planning and Nature Conservation
Nature Conservation and Development Control: Development Affecting Recognised Sites of Local Nature Conservation Importance

58. Alongside the international and national sites, the Department also recognises a variety of Local Nature Reserves and Wildlife Refuges. These sites include:-
  • Local Nature Reserves, designated by District Councils under Article 22 of the Nature Conservation and Amenity lands (Northern Ireland) Order 1985;
  • Wildlife Refuges designated under the Wildlife Order, where special protection measures for some or all species are implemented; and
  • Non-statutory nature reserves managed by voluntary conservation bodies.
59. Development likely to have an adverse effect on recognised sites of local nature conservation importance will not be approved unless there are reasons for the proposal which outweigh the need to safeguard the intrinsic nature conservation value of the site. Where a development is permitted which would adversely affect the nature conservation value of the site, the Department will endeavour to ensure that such effects are kept to a minimum. The Department will consider the use of conditions and/or planning agreements to provide appropriate compensatory measures.
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