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Nature Conservation and Development Control: Peatlands

69. Government's policies for protection and conserving peatland in Northern Ireland were first set out in "Conserving Peatland in Northern Ireland - A Statement of Policy" published in 1993. This specified that the measures already in place or proposed for implementation would ensure that representative sites of raised and blanket bogs and other peatland habitats would be protected for the benefit of this and future generations. The policies set forth in this Planning Policy Statement will take precedence over that expressed in "Conserving Peatland in Northern Ireland - A Statement of Policy Opens link in a new browser window" in relation to site protection and should ensure that adequate protection is provided for the full range of sites of nature conservation importance, including peatlands.
70. "Conserving Peatland in Northern Ireland - A Statement Policy" also expressed Government policy on peat extraction. However, this policy has been supplemented by Policy Min 1 'Environmental Protection' of "A Planning Strategy for Rural Northern Ireland". The Planning Service intends to up-date its policies on Minerals, including peat extraction, in a forthcoming Planning Policy Statement.
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