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PPS 1: General Principles
Introduction: Propriety

6. The Department is committed to discharging its responsibilities in an honest, impartial and open manner. It adopts a fully documented and corporate decision-making process. It has published a Charter Standards Statement, setting out a summary of its main services and the standards which members of the public can expect. When proposing planning legislation, formulating planning policy and making development plans, the Department will, in accordance with guidelines entitled “Policy Appraisal and Fair Treatment Opens link in a new browser window”, take into account any potential differential impacts on particular groups in society.
7. Any decision of the Department may be subject to judicial review if it is considered that the Department may have acted unreasonably. Cases of alleged maladministration may be scrutinised by the Parliamentary Ombudsman Opens link in a new browser window. The Department’s decisions on planning applications may be appealed by the applicant. These are heard by the independent body, the Planning Appeals Commission Opens link in a new browser window. The Commission also holds inquiries and hearings as requested by the Department in respect of such matters as major planning applications and objections to development plans.
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