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PPS 1: General Principles
Development Plans: Requirements Affecting Zoned Sites

39. Development plans will set out the main planning requirements which developers will be expected to meet in respect of particular zoned sites. Access points, servicing arrangements and portions of land to be kept free from built development may be specified. Where it is clear that a site can be developed for the purposes for which it is zoned only if physical and environmental constraints are overcome or significant new infrastructure is provided, development plans will draw attention to these requirements. Requirements which plans may specify include:
  • identification of locally important vistas, landmarks, landscape elements and spaces for retention and, where possible, enhancement;
  • setting out requirements for the arrangement and appearance of new housing in particular urban areas whose distinctive character would benefit from being reinforced;
  • laying down guidelines for the size, positioning and external appearance of new buildings in particular streets, so as to maintain the rhythm and integrity of frontages;
  • stipulating maximum or minimum building heights in particular locations;
  • setting out landscape scheme requirements.
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