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PPS 1: General Principles
Development Plans: Phasing

40. Where circumstances warrant, plans may specify a phased release of development land. Phasing may be necessitated by considerations relating to infrastructure or the adequacy of other services, which may indicate that a particular area cannot be released for development until a particular stage in the plan period. Phasing may also be introduced in areas that are under severe pressure for development, where there is evidence that market demand would exhaust total planned provision in the early years of the lifetime of the plan. Where phasing provisions are included in a plan, they will normally take the form of a broad indication of the timescale envisaged for the release of the main areas or identified sites. Phasing proposals will be explained and justified in the plan’s written statement. Allowance will be made for a reasonable degree of choice and flexibility, in order to ensure that the market can work effectively and efficiently.
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