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37. Development plans consist of a written statement and maps and such diagrams, illustrations and descriptive matter as the Department thinks appropriate. The plans will normally focus on the following:-
  • committed public sector proposals affecting specific sites (examples: housing redevelopment areas, comprehensive development schemes, road schemes and environmental improvements);
  • zonings of land for particular forms of development (examples: housing, industry, town centre retailing and development opportunity sites) and the need, where appropriate, for comprehensive design schemes;
  • designation of areas to which regional policies will apply (examples: Green Belts and primary retail cores); and
  • designation of other site-specific policy areas (example, Local Landscape Policy Areas).
38. Plans will set out, for information purposes, the relevant designations made under non-planning legislation, such as areas of outstanding natural beauty or sites of nature conservation importance. They will also refer to areas already designated using planning powers, for example conservation areas. While such designations will not in themselves be open for further public debate, any local policies and proposals set out in the plan in respect of designated areas will be open to representation and objection.
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