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PPS 1: General Principles
The Departments Approach to Planning: Mixed Uses

23. The Department will seek to promote and retain mixed uses, particularly in town centres, in other areas highly accessible by means of transport other than the private car and in areas of major new development. What will be appropriate on a particular site will, among other things, be determined by the characteristics of the area - schemes will need to fit in with, and be complementary to, their surroundings - and the likely impact on sustainability, overall travel patterns and car use. The character of existing residential areas should not be undermined by inappropriate new uses.
24. Major mixed use developments that would attract a significant number of trips should be in locations that are well served by public transport, have adequate infrastructure and are properly integrated, in terms of land use and design, with surrounding areas. 
25. Development plans will, where appropriate, identify sites or areas where development should incorporate a mixture of uses and will identify the suitable uses. The plan may indicate if conditions or planning agreements are likely to be used to secure an appropriate mixture of uses.
26. When identifying potential sites for mixed uses, in development plans, the Department may adopt a flexible approach to planning standards such as parking requirements and density, while having regard to the availability of alternative modes of transport, residential amenity and the needs of local business.
27. There may be scope, in parts of Northern Ireland, for development plans to identify sites for high quality, mixed use developments known as 'urban villages'. Built on large sites, within existing urban areas, they are characterised by:
  • compactness;
  • a mixture of uses and dwelling types;
  • a range of employment, leisure and community facilities;
  • appropriate infrastructure and services;
  • high standards of urban design;
  • access to public open space and green spaces;
  • ready access to public transport; and
  • facilitation of walking and cycling.
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