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Planning Policy Statement 18: Renewable Energy

Issued by: Department of the Environment
Status: Final
Date: August 2009
Planning Policy Statement (PPS) 18 sets out the planning policy for development that generates energy from renewable resources.
The PPS aims to facilitate the siting of renewable energy generating facilities in appropriate locations within the built and natural environments.
The policy is accompanied by a Best Practice Guidance document which provides technical information and guidance on a range of renewable energy technologies as well as information about approaches to Passive Solar Design (PSD).
The policy supersedes Policy PSU 12 of the Planning Strategy for Rural Northern Ireland.
PPS 18 is also accompanied by Supplementary Planning Guidance 'Wind Energy Development in Northern Ireland's Landscapes (August 2010). This document, published by the Northern Ireland Environment Agency, provides broad, strategic guidance in relation to the visual and landscape impacts of wind energy development. It includes general guidance on sitting and design within Northern Ireland's landscapes and advice on the landscape assessment of proposed developments.

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A Summary of Consultation Responses (Opens PDF document in a new browser window 118 KB) detailing some of the main issues to emerge from the public consultation on the draft document has also been produced and is available for download.
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