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Transport Assessment
Stage 2: Influencing Travel to the Development: Travel plans

Travel Plans may be used to supplement the Transport Assessment process.  Travel Plans can influence travel patterns and often the ideal opportunity for introducing such changes is when organisations are expanding or relocating to new premises.
The suitability of measures to encourage behavioural change will relate to the main functions of the development, and whether it is primarily:
  • a workplace, with mostly regular journeys, where there can be strong influence over behaviour 16;
  • a development where much travel will result from visitors (such as for shopping, entertainment etc) where there is less contact with users, and a marketing approach may be more effective;
  • a residential area where most journeys will be those made by residents, and there is the ability to contact people at home; and
  • a development with a mix of these functions such as a hospital, or a mixed-use development.
16 Walk in to work out: how to improve your health by walking or cycling to work (DfT 2003) and Cycle-Friendly Employers' Information Sheet (Sustrans)
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