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Transport Assessment

Definition of Transport Assessment
A Transport Assessment is a comprehensive review of all the potential transport impacts of a proposed development or re-development, with an agreed plan to mitigate any adverse consequences

Purpose of Transport Assessment

The purpose of Transport Assessment is to provide enough information for DOE and DRD to understand how the proposed development is likely to function in transport terms. Assessing the transport impacts in a systematic manner contributes towards understanding how more sustainable travel patterns might be achieved through changing travel behaviour. Transport Assessment also subsumes the former  process of Traffic Impact Assessment.
The preparation and detail of a Transport Assessment will vary depending on the location, scale and nature of the proposed development. Transport Assessment should, where appropriate, propose a package of measures designed to promote access to the site by walking, cycling and public transport, while reducing the role of car access as much as possible.
Early discussions between the developer, DOE Planning Service and DRD will help determine the degree of detail to be contained in the Transport Assessment and avoid lengthening the decision making process.
Planning Service may require changes to the proposal in order to facilitate more sustainable travel patterns, which may include providing improved transport infrastructure and/or services. Planning conditions and other legal agreements will be used to ensure that agreed transportation measures are put in place by developers.
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