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Supplementary Planning Guidance: Wind Energy Development in Northern Ireland's Landscapes

This Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) should be read in conjunction with Planning Policy Statement (PPS 18): Renewable Energy which was published in August 2009.
The SPG provides broad, strategic guidance in relation to the visual and landscape impacts of wind energy development. The guidance is based on the sensitivity of Northern Ireland's landscapes to wind energy development and contains an assessment of each of the 130 Landscape Character Areas (LCAs) in Northern Ireland by referencing the characteristics and values associated with each LCA.
The guidance:
  • Sets out the background to the landscapes of Northern Ireland, and to wind energy development in these landscapes;
  • Explains the approach and methodology that was used to assess wind energy development in relation to the landscape of each Landscape Character Area;
  • Contains general principles and guidance relating to wind energy development in the landscape and associated sensitivities, opportunities and challenges. This includes principles and guidance relating to site selection, siting, layout and design and the assessment of landscape, visual and cumulative impacts;
  • Considers cumulative wind energy development in Northern Ireland's distinctive landscapes in October 2007 and highlights landscape issues that need to be carefully considered in the future;
  • Provides practical guidance relating to the use of this guidance and the preparation and submission of wind energy proposals.

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