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The promotion of cycling as a travel opportunity is part of the drive to promote alternatives to the private car and encourage more sustainable means of travel. One step in this process is to improve the provision, safety, convenience and general environment for cycling by ensuring that the needs of cyclists are fully taken into account in the development process. To help promote cycle use the amount of good quality cycle parking needs to be increased. It is important therefore that secure cycle parking is provided as an integral part of new development.
Cycle theft is a major problem and concerns most cyclists. The provision of carefully planned, secure parking facilities can help to reduce this concern and may also help promote the use of cycle routes. A beneficial effect of providing designated cycle parking areas may be a reduction in haphazard chaining of bicycles to railings, pipes and lighting columns, thus removing clutter and inconvenience to pedestrians and frontages.
Where the Department has determined that secure cycle parking facilities should be provided the precise amount will be assessed against the published standards. Full secure, weather protected parking will normally be required for employee cycle parking. Weather protection will also be required for visitor parking where space for ten or more cycles is provided or in cases where medium to long-term cycle parking is required, for instance at public transport interchanges.
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