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Parking Standards
General Considerations

In assessing the parking provision in association with development the Department will normally expect developers to provide an access to the site in accordance with the current standards1. Where appropriate, developers will be required to demonstrate there is adequate provision of space within the site, for parking, manoeuvring, loading and unloading to fulfill the operational requirements of the proposed development.
Where developments incorporate more than one land use which are functioning simultaneously, e.g. a warehouse containing a large office or a public house containing a restaurant, the combined figures applicable to both uses will apply. Conversely, in multi-purpose development where it can be shown that separate uses operate at different times of the day greater flexibility will be applied.
Floor areas quoted in the guidelines relate to Gross Floor Area unless otherwise stated.
The term ‘one space’ used in the standards refers to standing area only and the recommended minimum dimensions for a car space are 4.8 metres by 2.4 metres. The term ‘commercial vehicle space’ used in the standards refers to the standing area required for the general type of commercial vehicle which would normally serve the particular development.
The following are standard space requirements of some typical vehicles. These may be used as basic minimum reference values but different layouts such as parallel, herringbone and in-line, have slightly different overall space requirements and detailed layout of parking spaces will be site specific.
  • Car: 2.4 metres x 4.8 metres
  • Light Vans: 2.4 metres x 5.5 metres
  • Rigid Vehicles: 3.5 metres x 14.0 metres
  • Articulated Vehicles: 3.5 metres x 18.5 metres
  • Coaches (60 seats): 3.5 metres x 14.0 metres
These dimensions refer to standing space only and do not take account of access, manoeuvring space or space required for loading/unloading.
Operational parking space for commercial and service vehicles will depend on the type attracted to a development and should provide for manoeuvring space to enable vehicles to exit the site in forward gear.
Best practice on the number, size and layout of parking spaces reserved for people with disabilities and general guidance on the provision of appropriate related facilities is set out in the Department’s guide ‘Access for All’.
The Department will, on request or as necessary, provide advice on the parking requirement for developments not covered by these standards taking into account the number and size of vehicles likely to use the proposed development at any one time and wider Government policy on transportation.
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